Irish Coin Daily: Late Medieval Gaelic Coinage ???

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Date: c. AD 1040-60 ???

The enigmatic O'Neil REX coin (Parsons, 1921) - is this the first native Irish coin ever struck in Ireland ?



This coin is one of the great enigmas of Irish numismatics – only 2 are known and no one seems to know who minted it, or where it was minted. The most recent find was excavated by professional archaeologists and it will be interesting to see how far back they date it.


  • N0IL + REX M, the E retrograde and the left lower limb of the X incomplete.
  • Mantled bust to left, helmed and coroneted; surrounded by the inscription broken by the bust and points of the crown.
  • All within an outer dotted circle.


  • + BLAN I> ISE ON LI, retrograde; the L of LI inverted.
  • Quatrefoil with three pellets on each of the cusps, superimposed on a voided cross, around, is the legend between an inner and outer circle.


  • Ireland


  • Not categorised yet
    • Suggestions
      • Hiberno-Saxon ?
      • Gaelic Regnal Coinage ?
      • Late Medieval Gaelic Coinage ?
  • Hammered


Further Reading:

O’Brien Rare Coin Review: Did a Gaelic king ‘mint coins in 11th C Ireland ?






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