Irish Coin Daily: Hiberno-Norse Penny, Phase V, Draped bust left, with hand on Neck + reverse similar to William I “Two Stars type”

Date: c. 1075-80

Hiberno-Norse, Silver Penny Phase V, Obverse Bust left with hand on Neck, Reverse similar to William I Two Stars type S.6156 Extremely rare


An Hiberno-Norse, Phase V, Class B Silver Penny. Bust left with large hand on neck. Reverse similar to William I Two Stars type.

  • Diameter: 16 mm

References: S.6156

  • Good Very Fine (gVF)
  • Toned
  • Extremely rare


  • Draped bust left; large hand on neck
  • Blundered and illegible (pseudo-) legend around


  • Quadrilateral over cross with pellets.
  • Three pellets within each of the four quarters
  • Blundered and illegible (pseudo-) legend around.


  • Ireland


  • Hiberno-Norse
    • Phase 5
      • Class B
  • Hammered


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